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Environmentally Safe Products That Will Get Rid Of Your Mold Problems For Good in Paw Paw, MI & Surrounding!

"Black mold" strikes fear into the hearts of homeowners with good reason. It can cause serious health issues for everyone. Especially vulnerable are the very young and very old. There's no reason to panic if you find this unwelcome visitor in your home, but it is extremely important that you have a professional inspection as soon as possible.

Larrabee Home Services has proudly teamed up with Break The Mold to offer our clients the ultimate peace of mind when dealing with mold issues.

A Safe Solution

Break the Mold knows how to identify the root cause of your mold problem and eliminate the conditions that allowed the mold (black or other types) to grow in the first place. Using a safe, non-toxic treatment, we'll treat existing mold and show you how to take steps to help keep it from becoming a problem again. Prevention is key!

Custom Treatment for Your Situation

When it comes to mold, there are no generic answers; every situation and every home is unique. This is why we always start with an inspection. This allows us to craft a plan specifically for your home.

Executing the plan almost always involves minor construction work to address moisture issues. You can handle this yourself or we can do it for you using trusted and licensed contractors we've worked with before. The amount of work needed depends on your specific situation.

The mold remediation itself is done using a unique and proven mold removal process that effectively and safely decontaminates your home. Break the Mold uses a less labor-intensive procedure than traditional methods, making our solution surprisingly affordable.

Call Break The Mold today at 269-359-0822 or contact them online to get your mold inspection.