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Flooring Services From
Larrabee Home Services in Paw Paw, Portage, MI & Surrounding Areas

Quality or comfort underfoot

No matter which room in the house you are remodeling, there's hardly a more important feature than the flooring. Flooring plays an important role in the overall appeal and mood of a space, but there is more to be considered when choosing a floor than looks alone.

Choosing the right flooring hinges on many elements: lifestyle, floor plan, maintenance, budget, and overall appeal. And with the seemingly endless options to choose from you may be overwhelmed and confused about which will work best for your project. Laminate flooring or hardwood, plush carpet or stone tile, whatever floor covering you choose will give certain advantages and disadvantages. The remodeling & design Specialists at Larrabee Home Services will help you weigh the pros and cons and determine which will material will perform best and blend seamlessly into your lifestyle and the overall design of your home.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors have been adding natural beauty to homes for hundreds of years. Available in many different textures, colors, and finishes, this flooring option gives an unmistakable character that is hard to match with other materials. Hardwood floors can also add to your home's value.

When choosing this type of flooring, you will need to decide between solid hardwood and engineered hardwood. Solid hardwood is milled from a single piece of wood. Because it can be repeatedly sanded and refinished, it can last for decades. But because it is a natural material, it is susceptible to water damage. Engineered hardwood is created by bonding layers of hardwood, or "plies", together. These layers give greater stability and can withstand higher levels of humidity.

Stone & Tile Flooring

Tile comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and can be made of ceramic, stone, glass or metal. Its' versatility, durability, and it's stylish look, make this a popular flooring choice. With today's technology tile can be made to mimic a wide range of textures. This flooring type is resistant to fire, stains, scratches, water, bacteria, and odors. Stone and tile floors can be cold underfoot and uncomfortable to stand on for long periods of time. This type of floor can also crack and the grout can become stained.

Vinyl & Laminate Flooring

Quickly becoming one of the most popular choices for flooring today, vinyl & laminate flooring is durable, low maintenance, and easier on the budget. These floors have much more depth and texture today than they did a generation ago. They can look like hardwood, tile, stone, and more, and it comes in a variety of colors. Vinyl is soft underfoot, so it's comfortable to stand on for long periods. It's also warmer to the touch than hard surfaces like tile. Vinyl and Laminate flooring contributes to better indoor air quality and usually is resistant to bacteria, mold, and milder.

Vinyl is an excellent choice for rooms that get a lot of traffic. It withstands water, and it doesn't easily dent, scratch, stain or fade.

Carpet Flooring

Carpet is soft, comfortable and practical. This type of flooring can insulate up to 17 times better than other surfaces. It is quiet underfoot, durable, slip-resistant, and overall a good value. There are literally endless options when it comes to carpet, it comes in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures.

Carpet is a fairly high-maintenance floor covering, and it doesn't last as long as hard surfaces.

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